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Italian luxury Marianna Ferrara

italy luxury Marianna

Marianna Ferrara is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 2011 in Toscana by Ukraian designer Mariana Radova.
Originally inspired by eclectic, thrift shop Bohemia, animal prints have been described as "haute hippy dom" taking inspiration in particular from Italy's prestigious film history. "I think of a story and I design the clothes to go with it ." Italy and particolar Sicily culture from 50'-60' is the most important style and indentity of MARIANNA FERRARA .
For us its Most important quality made in Italy and all sewing fabrics made in Italy. We work in small sewing fabrics and all products its totaly hande made.

" Its not a Journey ends,
but we go on.
The world turns and we turn with it.
Plans dissapear, derma take over.
But wherever I go ,
there you are .
my luck , my fate , my fortune....
Marianna Ferrara
inevitable .... "

luxurious italy

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