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Bridge & Boro

made in ny master pattern

Fabrics, Fit, and Family.

Originated by a father and son – Carmelo and Fabio Bari, Bridge & Boro is a full on family production: from fit modeling to marketing and everything in between.

Much like the Bari Family at Sunday dinner, Bridge & Boro chooses only the best ingredients and completes everything by hand.

Our fabrics are carefully selected from the best mills in Italy, Japan, and the United States. Then, Carmelo – an Italian immigrant with over 40 years of experience as a master pattern maker – designs every Bridge & Boro pattern with the time tested method of paper, pencil and scissors. The materials are then manufactured locally in New York City’s historic garment district.

Bridge & Boro is committed to the Made in NY movement. The people at Bridge & Boro see no point of being a New York brand if you are manufacturing all of your materials overseas.

We hope you enjoy the Bridge & Boro collection as much as we enjoy designing it.

Welcome to the Family.


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