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BOMEE' from spain

Ángela Estrada, founder and designer of Bomeé. She founded the brand on December 2013, although actually the story started long before…

Behind the creation and design of this brand, there is long story of family tradition that we love to share with you.

Everything started the day her grandmother decided to set up her own Dressmaking Academy in the 40s. So as to offer her students a better formation, she created a pattern method in 1944. After quite a lot of years in charge of the Academy, in the 70s her mother continued with it, combining it with her sewing atelier.

And it is her, Ángela, who currently has gone on with the great inheritance that her grandma left her and that her mother knew how to preserve. And thanks to her patience, teaching and commitment, she can offer through this project a piece of all that she has learnt from them both, without stopping her learning every day.

A project that was born out of the dreams and yearning to give an added value to each garment, to the fact of us dressing every day, committing to quality in the fabric and in the dressmaking.

Everything is 100% designed, created, made and produced here in Spain. For her it is very important that the client feels unique and special with each product he/she buys in our online shop.

Bomeé’s mission is to offer a product made with pamper, where every garment has been cut, ready-made and labelled individually.

Besides, each garment or accessory is produced in a very limited series, which makes it even more special, for its exclusiveness.

made in spain


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