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How do you set out to clothe a person who walks the Earth with an ever- evolving sophistication; an unquenchable imagination—a drive for discovery?

You don’t. You let them define their own style.

You create a culture and a style that’s honest. You commit to unflinching passion. You design beautiful garments because you’re inspired by your customer’s lifestyle—not some throw-away marketing tactic. Most of all, no matter how unique and intimate your style becomes—you have to keep it simple.

That’s exactly how SKYRTA has grown from a single idea between two people to 20 thousand tailored garments sewn since 2013.

SKYRTA became a leading clothier and revered name across Iceland through word- of-mouth. Things like that don’t happen by chance.

SKYRTA began as a strictly custom-made shirting service. That meant conversations started with every single customer—their stories were told, and lessons were learned. Over 1000 men were measured in creation of the first SKYRTA styles, with the first question always remaining, ‘What do you want to wear everyday?’

The response was striking—people weren’t willing to just wear anything; they were looking to wear what made them a true individual. Men, regardless of age, were seeking sophistication—a quality that matched their interpersonal aesthetics. Their garments needed to have imaginative and confident energy; details noticed only upon closer inspection; fabrics and designs that braved the unknown, and exotic colors that met the expectations of their rugged jobs, entrepreneurial ventures and intellectual conversations.

That’s how SKYRTA was able to grow from a small design workshop to a national brand. A constant reinvention of compelling and engaging customer service has built enduring relationships with repeat customers, while honest opinions have kept a humble voice in what is far too often an industry strife with unwarranted arrogance.

But great fashion evolves—it is as equally intense as it is timeless. However, in order to truly be timeless, the same thing can’t always be made anew. That’s why SKYRTA designs, whether paisleys, classic denims, Victorian prints—everything is made in limited edition. SKYRTA came up as a one-customer at a time custom shirting service, and isn’t afraid to maintain the integrity of what makes them unique.

That confidence as a company is what has created unwavering customer loyalty.

What started with a simple shirt ideology has expanded into complementary couture set to assemble a range of looks for the fashionable man. Handmade ties, bow ties and pocket squares made from fine Indian silks adorn shirts while hand- crafted buffalo leather shoes embrace the customer’s walk—molded by the hands of four master leather craftsmen. With wool felt on the frontier, as guided by the revered Harris Tweed, SKYRTA is outfitting customers for any occasion.

Leslie Dcunha founded SKYRTA with curiosity and wonder—which is why, to this day, on top of a style with pristine quality and vibrant designs, SKYRTA has just a touch of playfulness—because that youth and ingenuity in our customers is what we put right back into their clothes.

That’s how being quintessentially Icelandic is catching the intrigue of fashionable men everywhere.

What does your shirt say about you?



Leslie Dcunha                                       SKYRTA                                             

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