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Unlike so many who dream of working in the exciting and competitive world of fashion, Angela Brasington spent her time in competitions of a difference sort. As a gymnast, she learned discipline and a will to work hard for the best results. She later realized that learning more about fashion had always been her true passion.

Taking a far different route than most fashion designers, Angela Brasington acquired a business degree rather than a fashion degree. Wanting to run her own business since a young age, Angela knew she had to start from the bottom and work her way up to truly understand the wild world of fashion.

Working at The Limited Design Studio allowed her to experience the corporate side of fashion, while spending many years at a large T-shirt factory gave her a manufacturer’s approach to fashion, providing a well-rounded understanding of the business. She was also able to become an expert in working with both domestic and international factories on samples and deliveries. Managing the production calendar was a crucial part of the role and understanding the importance of deliveries helped her build a strong foundation for the business.

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