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Bastet Noir

They say when you’re in love with your life you tend to paint things around you with the brightest of colors. We say, when you’re in love with your job, just as much as this tiny, but mighty fashion designer is, you paint your whole world in pretty brights. And so, your clients become moving pieces of the colorful arty mosaic, you so delicately put together. When you paint in color, you paint smiles across people’s faces and that our dear ladies is what we call the pure bliss of happiness.

No one seems to have found the formula to the ultimate happiness, and yet Irina Tosheva seems to create some kind of blissful state whenever a new collection pops up. We’re sure you all know that song “Happy” by Pharell Williams and that pretty much sums up the feeling we have when we find ourselves graced by her presence. There’s something about her that simply makes you exhilaratingly enthusiastic and the feeling lasts long after your encounter.

A fashion designer, an activist, relentless creative soul sista and in her spare time, one hell of a closeted event organizer (she organizes the most amazing costume birthday bashes ever), this force of nature is an embodiment of a powerful girlboss who will stop at nothing to make her dreams a reality. Her collections are reflection of nature’s amazing colors, threaded through collaborations with artists (see her collaboration with Vane Kosturanov), musicians and traditional craftsman. Her ability to mix traditional crafts with new techniques like 3d printed fashion is unparalleled.

So today we interview a woman who has been with Bastet Noir since the very beginning, who ever since have grown to become a mature fashion virtuoso.

BASTET NOIR: Describe your designer style

IT: Youthful but strong, clean but colorful.

BASTET NOIR: What inspires you?

IT: Its kinda cliché answer, but everything. My surrounding, everyday life, everyday struggles, the tradition, music, fairytales, pain, happiness, nature, loneliness, love…

BASTET NOIR: What’s your proudest moment to date?

IT: I can’t choose one moment. However, I’m glad that my designs are recognized more and more abroad. The applause at home is always roaring and skin shivering, but the applause in other countries where you don’t know anyone is a greater honor.

BASTET NOIR: If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you be?

IT: A vet or a dermatologist.

BASTET NOIR: Things you can’t do without…

IT: One can do without things. People are more important. My dear friends, my family and my Minnie.

When you meet Irina for the first time, your first impression will be “Holly shit, where is she getting all that energy from?”. Than you realize that there are people who are simply born with it and Irina is one of them. Her entire aura reflects her lively spirit. She’s a truly special individual who knows how to make fashion fun over and over again and we love her for it. So here’s our thanks Irina for being a part of Bastet Noir’s team for so long. Keep on rockin’.

Dying to see her latest collection? Yeah, we know, us too. While waiting for it, you can check pieces of her AW2016 now retailing at Bastet Noir.

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