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Caly & Kaana

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Caly & Kaana is named after the designers two brothers from whom she draws a lot of inspiration. As kids growing up, their parents didn't have much but the brother would go to the tailoring shops then the whole family would piece together left over fabric from the shops to create what they called "master pieces". The family drew inspiration from Dolly Parton's Coat of many colors when they decided to take on the challenge of piecing a coat of many colors from the various materials gathered.

Caly and Kaana always stood out in their amazing creative design ideas. Kaana is excellent at drawings and sketching while Caly executed the designs. Elder sisters Beauty & Hanny brought the business savvy and would later sell the designs to friends and family while their parents helped them make wise investments in themselves and their budding brand.

This passion culminated into what is now becoming a globally recognized brand with a unique take on fashion.

In addition to their brand, Caly and Kaana collaborates with other brands as well as sources designs that are both trendy and fashionable for every taste and budget.

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