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Desti Saint

Desti Saint

Desti Saint was born in HK from a NZ father and English mother, she has lived in Asia for over 15 years and has a background in finance and building new businesses. She was a distributor for a global handbag brand before setting up her own company, Desti Saint Pte Ltd, in January 2011 in Singapore.

“I’ve lived in Asia most of my life, I love being surrounded by the colours, the culture and the people. It all influences me. I love contemporary Asian design; keeping up with current developments as well as referencing the past with its traditional icons and symbols.

Desti Saint is a range of desirable handbags, aimed at fashion-conscious women who value quality and are looking for something a little bit different. The focus is on the use of rich-looking fabrics to create unique handbags that are comfortable to wear, practical to use and beautiful to look at. The eclectic collection includes luxuriant tassels and hand-carved jade motifs, which give the bags a subtle a distinctive edge.

The Desti Saint range of handbags are of the best quality and finishing…..we pride ourselves on that !

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