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GUZUNDSTRAUS woman dares to be iconic.

She is a hedonistic lover of urban life and a sophisticated judge of unique design pieces. No matter if she is a teamlead, gallerist, blogger or mother: she always stands out with her strong personality and perfect fashion taste. The best way we can express our adoration is designing the perfect outfits for our muse.

The Design Duo of Dee Goodwin and Anastasiia Limilem was formed in 2012 to
crush test the world of modern art and fashion. The first invasion was the launch of Horns-n-Hoofs the Unknown Artists’ Community in Manchester, UK. Absorbing experience and impressions, the duo finally switched to fashion as their main practice, which resulted in the emergence of the GUZUNDSTRAUS brand. Their visionary and sensual perception of life has formed the defiant yet cryptic style. With the insider knowledge of the backstage of arts and the refined taste to visual culture, the Duo see the destruction of clichés as their main mission.

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