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How To Wear It: Pre Spring Pretty

Manic Trout

We are currently in the midst of one of those times of year when you walk into a store or shop online and SPRING!! screams at you. Meanwhile, in the US, it's pretty chilly still and the thought of wearing SPRING!! makes you almost not want to shop. But you do and then you want to wear your new clothes, shoes, bag, jewelry, even though it's not quite feeling right yet. That my trouties, is where is the magic of transitional dressing comes in. I'm not sure if this is really a thing, it may be only in my mind, but it makes sense so hear me out. The in between times are when you wear a bit of both worlds. You can mix your lighter spring colors with black and navy, making them look less light, just like this dress does. You can add more layers in the form of sweaters, cardigans, jackets and tights. For accessories, it's the same idea. You are pairing your lighter and brighter pieces with darker neutrals and colors. Taking a bit from here, a bit from there. This also applies when you start to have random hot days, but it's still say February and you don't want to be "that guy" (the one in shorts and flip flops in winter the second the sun comes out).

For example, if the accessories in this outfit were paired with a light sun dress, they would look much more warm month appropriate. By pairing them with black, you are grounding them in the darker season, and getting to wear your more SPRING!! pieces. Note that I selected a dress and accessories that are all transitional. A solid black dress and only one SPRING!! accessory would be perfect in this case and as you can imagine so would all the other combos you could make with one SPRING!! thing and the rest winter appropriate.
Outfit details: Dress by Ted Baker, Shoes by Chloe, Bag by Charlotte Olympia and Jewelry.

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