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In a world where fast fashion is trending, L.I.C. is looking to slow it down by offering fashion wear that can become a part of your wardrobe for a long period of time. We will present small, premium quality collections throughout the year to add better value to your closet and wardrobe.

L.I.C. designs are all about classic, feminine silhouettes accentuated with sensual details to make you look and feel beautiful. With fashionable party dresses and smart day dresses, we inspire you every day, every moment.

From design to finished product, L.I.C. incorporates Love, Integrity, and Confidence every step of the way with the aim of forwarding these values to you when dressed in its pieces.

But why...


Shopping can be an emotional journey for the fashion conscious. You may know the styles you like, but feelings rarely turn into love unless an outfit changes your outlook of the world.


True integrity in fashion happens when the outside world sees your personality and values reflected in which clothes you. When you are true to yourself, you can wear your heart not just on your sleeves but all over—from hat to heel.


With our clothing line, we inspire a confidence that can bring out the best in you. We help you tackle the challenges of life while maintaining your sense of comfort and security.

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