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Lilly & Charles

Lilly & Charles

The Lilly & Charles Brand is the brainchild of ‘Central Saint Martins’ fashion graduate Carolina Turner. Carolina is the dual heritage daughter of immigrant parents who came from Scotland and the Caribbean to the United Kingdom in the 1950's. Carolina's paternal grandparents arrived on British soil in 1952 and are the inspiration behind the Lilly and Charles brand name. Carolina grew in a quaint English Hertfordshire town with her brother and parents where she enjoyed a culturally diverse childhood enriched with the music and creativity of her family.
Lilly & Charles garments are elegant, modern luxury pieces that are designed to stand the test of time and ensure their position in our customers wardrobes as stalwart pieces that can be handed down through family generations. Luxury, quality and traditional tailoring are an integral part of the brands creative process and only the finest materials are selected where they are put into the hands of world-class craftsmen. With all product being designed and manufactured in London, England, the Lilly & Charles brand carries the made in Britain label which is associated with high quality sustainability standards by consumers and industry professionals.

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