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Pitanga Activewear

Pitanga Activewear

Modern and trendy, Pitanga is unlike any other women's activewear brand. Created for stylish women who seek attitude and comfort, the Pitanga range stands out from the crowd for its unrivaled beauty and modern design of its products, employing technological fabrics that ensure superlative comfort, breathability, elasticity and versatility.
Our fabrics are sourced from suppliers that are well renowned for their efforts towards continuous improvement of its fabrics and services, while seeking to optimize resources, production and energy efficiency, resource preservation and reduced environmental impact. Finding sustainable solutions for the collective and the planet’s well-being is an ongoing challenge in the improvement of concepts, materials and processes, requiring constant research and investment in best practices for every industry.
We believe every single person deserves to live and feel well. This is why we feel so strong about contributing and giving back. We have established a partnership with World Vision Australia and have committed to contributing a portion of every single sale to the beautiful project below. When you purchase from us you are directly making a difference in someone’s life to help improve their health and wellbeing. You also have the opportunity to make an additional donation during the check out. We would like to personally thank you for supporting us and what we stand for.
Together we can start to improve the world and the lives of many.

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