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Seize&Desist LA

Seize&Desist LA

Born in the streets of Los Angeles, Seize & Desist LA was founded and raised on the notion of building a comprehensive clothing line that encompassed art, music and above all else imagination. Seize & Desist LA carries the ethos of carpe diem, that one must seize the day and grab the best opportunity at hand. The juxtaposition of high fashion influence and street style inspired by military wear, long silhouettes make it distinguish itself from the rest of the marketplace.

In a day an age where originality is continuously elusive and almost extant, Kaytranada manages to emerge his brand of soulful, house-rhythm production with nuanced hip hop references and a state of vibes. Here Kaytra is showing of a refreshing view of dance that interjects the youthful synergy of technology, robotics, dance and a fun time.

For his latest album 99.9%, Kaytranada infuses his blend of rhythm, whimsy and heavily engineered beats to carry his vibe. For "Lite Spots", directed by Martin C Pariseau he builds a dancing robot in which he traverses the world. The man and the machine bust moves alongside strangers getting mixed results. They then visit a beach, relax at a barbershop.

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