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Tales on Silk

Netherland scarfs tales of silk


tales of silk

With a shared passion for Ancient Indian Art and a vision in common, Tales on Silk was founded by two individuals – Nirali Surati & Sonam Sule

Nirali Surati, left her vibrant country – India, behind and moved to the beautiful land of the Netherlands. Nirali came from a family of creative talent, wherein her grandfather created fashion forward personal clothing for his clientele of superstar actresses of 1940s, 50s & 60s. With the same creative genes running in the family, Nirali adorned beautifully handcrafted clothing – all designed and created by her mum until she was 17 . She finally left home equipped with creative genes and years of craft knowledge.

Sonam Sule, full of passion for fabrics, colours and patterns, stayed on in India, and worked with one of the most celebrated Indian designers – Manish Malhotra and learnt about the art he created by working with some of the most talented artisans in the country and the magic they wove. Dutifully ingrained with fashion grooming and knowledge, the undying fire to create something beautiful and unique, herself, eventually took over.

Tales on silk was born as a means to express our love for traditional Indian art forms and techniques and present them as our interpretation – as our way of weaving these Tales On Silk.

silk scarf

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