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Ziel means goal in German and soul in Dutch.

We love athletics, we love the grit, the competition and zeal you can find in sports and we've found that athletics are at their best when the heart and the goal are united. Ziel as a word encompasses what we stand for, passionately reaching our goals with the heart in the right place. 

Ziel makes on-demand, quality active wear apparel here in the United States. We are a public benefit corporation. By choosing this path we have ingrained our belief that the journey matters into our company DNA.

Made For You

We make every piece of apparel to order. We do this because we only want to make what people actually want to have. In the apparel industry as a whole there is a 40% mismatch between what is made and what is sold. These unwanted garments have a huge impact on the planet. Imagine the energy and resources used to make and distribute the apparel, and the landfills and incinerators that unworn apparel ends up in. By going on-demand we prevent this ecological impact. We are also free to change collections at any time, meaning frequent, fresh designs for our customers and brands.

Made in the USA

By making our apparel in the USA, and sourcing our fabrics from the USA as much as possible, we help to create local jobs and lessen our environmental impact.

Made eco-friendly

We support sustainable practices and equal opportunity. We don't like waste; not in our production processes, not in our talent and not in our rivers. This means we strive to make our products sustainable from the drawing board to the final product. Our commitment to sustainability also informs how we run our company. We value diversity, equal opportunity, and creating an environment where our employees feel valued and inspired.

Giving Back

We know as humans that we are are connected with every person in the world. As our world becomes increasingly globalized, so do our actions increasingly affect people everywhere. This is why we’ve decided to give 1% of our revenues to charities that relate to who we are as a business. And we invite our Made With Ziel partners to do the same. The charities we support are: Herproject that provides healthcare and financial independence education for women in among others the garment industry across the world, The Ocean Clean Up that is developing technology to remove plastics from our oceans and Coalition for Queens who support diversity in Tech.

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